"I think of my artworks as an echo earlier, ancestral expressions.  An echo expands through time to fill the space it travels into.  And from this time and space, I want to have a hand in the continuing authorship of symbolist cosmology -- like those poetic artifacts of an ancient day.  

In our unique technological present, global connectivity lets us hear the many echoes of our human past as they influence and inform the rhythms of now.

I like to describe my work in these terms as a ‘visual hip hop’, decidedly postmodern -- a blending of influences that I use to describe timeless aspects of my experience as an ancient continuity.   With a heavy reference to art history, I utilize ancient myths and aesthetics in combination to describe a contemporary perspective.  This process is a sincere expression of  a great love I have for the diverse cultural histories that explain mankind.

 I like to ease into this larger narrative about discovering modern culture using a design sense, color palette and levity that allows an audience to simply enjoy the work, hopefully as much as I do."

- Adam Russell